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Hi and welcome to Swedish Lures. There are many skilled lure builders in Sweden today and this website is a tribute to them. The ambition with Swedish Lures is to gather all lure builders in Sweden on one site so that anyone that is interested in just looking at or buying any of there handicrafts can be able to do so. We also hope that by doing this we will enable more and more people throughout the world to enjoy the products from these excellent Swedish Lure builders.

Here on Swedish Lures you can find everything from rookie lure builders that have just started their career to some of Sweden’s most famous and skilled lure builders. You will find everything from jerk baits to flies with one thing in common. Swedish lures from Swedish lure builders. If you would like to write comments and rate the lure builders pictures, please register here on the right and choose to become a member of Swedish Lures. Of course its free of charge.

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